Objectives and other Information

Main objectives:

  1. Improvement, Development, Education and Promotion with high-levelled Courses on Course and Concours Design, Training of Trainers, Riders and Horses, Equestrian Landscaping Architecture (incl. Natural Stadiums with Fixed Natural Obstacles) incl. Footing Sciences, Farrier Science, Equestrian Computer Application and other for the Benefit of National Federations, National and International Tournaments, Olympic Jumping Sport and the FEI on the base of Ethics, Welfare of the Horse and Fairplay.
  2. To raise the level of all mentioned disciplines step by step and to improve Education and Development considerably in order to achieve midterm an Academic Level. Mentoring and Promotion of Students. Courses for “Youngsters”.
  3. Especially to contribute to NFs of Countries in Development.
  4. At the end to be: A School of Masters and a School of Excellence

With great pleasure ASAD does everything to promote and support the young generation of Course and Concours Designers – and not with the intention of any business or personal profit.


With official Recognition of the FEI and the EEF (European Equestrian Federation)

In co-operation with the

  • World Equestrian Festival CHIO Aachen
  • German National Equestrian Federation
  • LA SILLA Monterrey/ MEX
  • Equestrian Federation of Russia
  • Academy of Equine Skills, Singapore
  • Bartels Academy/ NED
  • Cologne Sports University/ GER
  • European Equestrian Federation
  • Al Shaqab Riding Academy, Doha/ QAT
  • University of Findlay, Ohio/ USA
  • University of Nürtingen/ GER
  • RWTH Aachen University/ GER

and strong support by the prominent personalities of the COMITÉ D’HONNEUR, who are all lovers of the Equestrian Sports

Why Aachen as Base of ASAD?

Aachen is the most Equestrian Knowhow-intensive and International Area in the World with smooth infrastructure conditions (within a radius of 400 km) in the centre of Europe

  • 6 countries (BEL/FRA/GBR/GER/LUX/NED)
  • 4 languages (Dutch/English/French/German)
  • many prominent Universities
  • 200 FEI-Jumping-Events (CSI(O))
  • 2.000 National Equestrian Events
  • Population about 100 million
  • More than 10 different leading breedings of Sport Horses
  • availability of leading experts in any relevant Equestrian Subject or Speciality

Aachen is a historical European centre

  • already Roman settlements 2.000 year ago
  • residence of Charlemagne (800 A.C.), first Emperor of Europe
  • capital of the “Département Rhin/Meuse” under Napoléon (1769/1821)
  • city of the annual KARLS-PREIS (Prix Charlemange) since 1950

Aachen is the place of the ALRV, founded in 1898, and the home of the annual – CHIO Aachen – World Equestrian Festival

CHIO Aachen is hosting and supporting all Aachen-based educational, teaching and academic activities of ASAD in a most generous way 

Aachen, where horses are family!!!


Education in Course Design and/or Concours Design
  • Regional Development Courses “Basics on Course Design” for National Course Designers, Riders, Trainers a.o.
  • Refreshment Courses, where requested
  • Intensive Course of Instruction
  • Diploma-Studies (21 months, theory/practice, Diploma-Thesis) since 2008/2009

Regular International Jumping & Dressage Forum (next on 05.-13.12.2014 in Aachen/ GER)

Promotion/Encouragement of students and young Course- and Concours Designers
  • Annual Academic Student Promotion Award
  • Occasional Competitions like “Best MASTERPLAN/Courses, obstacles, stadiums/arenas, sponsor obstacles etc.” in co-operation with L’ANNEE HIPPIQUE and HORSE INTERNATIONAL
  • Mentoring Assistants

Regular organisation of International SYMPOSIA/CONFERENCES ON COURSE and CONCOURS DESIGN or other Equestrian Subjects

Research (initiation, promotion, tutoring of Bachelor-, Diploma-, Master- or Doctor- Thesis and independent Scientific Studies) and consulting

Regular Activities
  • Annual Intensive Courses (8 or 9 days) on Course Design for different levels (with Certificate and possibility of promotion) – also for riders, trainers, teachers and similar, parallel sessions, about 10/12 lectors
  • Annual ACADEMIC STUDENT PROMOTION AWARD for the 3 best Diploma or Master-Thesis (3.000,– EURO)
  • Occasional COMPETITION IN COURSE DESIGN (best MASTERPLANS of GP-Courses, or courses for young horses, best creations of new obstacle design, best layout of new natural Showgrounds etc.)
  • Regional Seminars as
    • Devolopment Courses (Basics on Course Design)
    • Refreshment
  • Consultation concerning Equestrian Technology and Design

 Qualification/StatusAuthorityMax. LevelEvents
1Various National SystemsNFvariousnational
2ASCD-Certified Course DesignerASCDa) 1,10/1,20 m
b) 1,20/1,30 m
c) 1,30/1,40 m
3FEI Level 1 (Assistant Course Designer)FEI
4FEI Level 2 (Candidate International Course Designer)FEICSI*/CSI** international
5FEI Level 3 (International Course Designer)FEICSI****
World-Cup Final
Continental Championships
6 FEI Level 4 (Official International Course Designer)FEI"Olympic Level"

World Championships
Olympic Games
(as CD or TD)